GMB Cash Benefits

GMB Cash Benefits

Convalescent Facilities

Convalescent places can be arranged for members in the following home:

Railways Convalescent Home – Dawlish, Devon

Railways covalecent home


Any member who is off sick from their regular employment and who is getting ready to go back to work may benefit from a stay at our exclusive convalescent home. All travelling expenses are paid and pocketmoney is provided

PDF ICONConvalescent Home Application Form.pdf

Funeral Benefit

A funeral benefit payment is available in the event of the death of a member. Payment is made to the next of kin.

PDF ICON Funeral Benefit Claim Form.pdf

National Accident Benefit

A full financial Grade 1 member, who having sustained an accident during the course of his/her employment at their usual place of employment and is absent from work shall be entitled to Accident Benefit. Claims can be made after 10 working days and are payable for a maximum of 11 weeks.

PDF ICON National Accident Benefit Claim Form.pdf

For further details and benefit rules contact GMB 01709 33 6777

A summary of other GMB benefits

Dispute or lock-out pay (per week)

• Grade 1 £50.00 Grade 2 £25.00

Total disablement caused by an accident at work

• Grade 1 £4,000 Grade 2 £2,000

Fatal accident at work

• Grade 1 £4,000 Grade 2 £2,000

Fatal accident outside work

• Grade 1 £1,100 Grade 2 £550

Further information can be found in the GMB rule book available on request from the branch office.