Tax Refund Co

Tax Refund Co

The GMB Yorkshire and North Derbyshire region has a special arrangement with the ‘Tax Refund Company’ to find out if you’re due a tax refund. If you’ve been employed at any time during that last 6 years and haven’t checked whether you are owed a refund, here’s your chance.

The main points to consider are as follows:

Dispute or lock-out pay (per week)

• 97% of applicants do not expect to get a refund when they fill in the claim form as they assume their employer has deducted the correct amount of tax!
• Nearly 1 in 3 members using the service receives a tax refund
• ONLY if you receive a refund, will a fee of 40p in the pound be deducted from your refund
• Unless you receive a refund, it’s ENTIRELY FREE OF CHARGE
• In the VERY RARE case The Tax Refund Company finds an underpayment, only you will be informed. However, they will (if requested) work FREE OF CHARGE, to help reduce the amount you should pay back. In many cases, they’ve managed to get the Revenue to cancel underpayments entirely!

To see if you’re due a refund click here where you will be able to apply online or print off a copy of the application form below.

For further details on the service call the application advice line on 0845 058 2288

Remember, you have absolutely nothing to lose!

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