Gadget Insurance

Gadget Insurance

Affordable Gadget Insurance for GMB members

We rely on our gadgets for so much – from organising our day to entertaining us, keeping in touch to recording life’s special moments. But we only really appreciate their value when they’re stolen, damaged or on the blink. It’s not just the financial cost we suffer but the inconvenience of doing without them.

A smart solution

Our fantastic, affordable Gadget insurance can be tailored to cover some or all of your essential electronic equipment including mobile phone, laptop, tablet, games console, camera and sat nav.

Key features

  • Wide cover: electrical breakdown, accidental damage and theft*
  • Affordable: premiums from as little as £3.99 per month*
  • Flexible: easy to switch the gadgets covered throughout the policy period*
  • Convenient: automatic 30 day extension for gadgets taken abroad on business or holiday*

*Policy terms, including limitations and exclusions apply. Please contact us on 0800 902 0119 if you would like a copy of the policy wording.

“But I’m already covered under my home insurance policy” Are you sure?

Not everyone is, and even if you were covered, claiming on your contents insurance could result in the loss of any no claims discount you have accrued.

If you would like to find out more information please contact us on 0800 902 0119.