Learning Centre

Learning Centre

GMB Learning Centre Rotherham

The learning centre is organised and run by GMB Rotherham and is located at Bailey House within the branch’s existing office accommodation, with support from the GMB Comwordmunity Organising project and in conjunction with Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council.

The centre’s philosophy is based on equality, openness and access for all. The GMB welcomes and encourages trade unionists and any RMBC staff member to utilise the centre for training and learning needs. There will be sessions that only GMB members can access, however many of the courses offered will be open to all.

What is a learning centre?

The GMB Learning Centre is a place where learners can come at a time that suits them in order to learn, at their own pace, in a quiet, comfortable and supportive environment. Such an environment is of great importance, as it will facilitate a positive learning experience for the people using it.

The GMB Learning Centre provides a chance for people to improve a range of skills or interests, such as basic maths and English. It will also be a place where they can gain computer and I.T. skills, learn a new language, develop leisure interests as well as providing an opportunity for people to achieve qualifications.

The GMB Learning Centre aims to supplement Learning and Development opportunities offered by RMBC. We are of course aware of the impact that Central Government cuts are having on the Authority and are aware of the impact that reduced budgets are having on Learning and Development in Rotherham.

IMG_4780RMBC have noticed that there has been a decrease in training that is not a statutory requirement and we hope that being able to offer training at no cost will help to improve this decline.

Initially the Centre will run IT courses at varying levels and the content will be delivered by utilising GMB Rotherham ULRs (Union Learner Reps) and bringing in outside providers.

Training for newly elected GMB Rep’s / Stewards will also be delivered at the centre.







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