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The GMB Legal Department offers a range of excellent  legal services to members from personal injury to employment law.

Free of charge legal assistance for GMB members and their families from Yorkshire & North Derbyshire Region GMB Solicitors, Thompsons, who are leading experts in all the legal issues that affect you at work.

Just call Freephone 0808 100 2976 8am – 8pm Monday to Friday (except public holidays) for the free legal consultation service and for:


• accidents anywhere, any time – at work, at home, in a public place, road traffic accidents and on holiday
• industrial disease
• clinical negligence


• Criminal Injury Compensation cases
• preparation of will for member and spouse / partner
• clinical negligence

UNIONLINE – Put 0300 333 0303 in your phone now. You can call us about any employment law or personal injury law problem and the free will service – we will provide legal advice if you are a GMB member.unionline-logo

Our employment law service provides complete advice and representation to GMB members at no cost – if you are worried about anything at work, then call us. Our accident and injury service is also free of charge* to GMB members and their families. Don’t call a number you have seen on the TV or in an advert, call UNIONLINE.

UNIONLINE can offer something no other service can give you – 100 per cent of your damages with no deductions for GMB members and their families. No other service can offer you that: THEY WILL ALWAYS MAKE A DEDUCTION. UNIONLINE never will. All of your compensation goes to you as a GMB member. Worried about debt, or a bad landlord? Call UNIONLINE.

Whatever problems you have we will try and help you, providing quality local legal advice. So put 0300 333 0303 in your phone and remember, GMB is your union and this is your union law firm. It is not out to make a fast buck, its job is to provide the best legal service in the country to GMB members.

• GMB members accused of a work related criminal offence get initial advice and representation. Just call the 24 hour criminal law helpline.

When calling any of the legal helpline numbers try and have your membership number to hand.


If you have a problem at work:

• Involve your workplace representative. GMB representatives are trained to know your rights at work. They will do everything they can to help you resolve your problem through negotiation.
• If you do not have a workplace representative you are still legally entitled to have a GMB representative accompany you to a grievance or disciplinary hearing. Just call 01709 255955 and you will be put in touch with a GMB representative.
•Sometimes problems at work require legal action. That is why Yorkshire & North Derbyshire Region GMB has its own Legal Department providing expert employment law advice and Employment Tribunal representation.

Click here to find out more about your employment rights


Yorkshire and North Derbyshire GMB Regional Legal Department


Your regional legal team are Bill Innes legal officer and Lesley Bradley, legal administrator. If you want more information about the Yorkshire and North Derbyshire GMB legal services or you have any comments on your experiences of the service we provide we will be very pleased to hear from you.

Bill Innes – Tel 0845 337 777 or email

Lesley Bradley – Tel 0845 337 777 or email