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2012 – Budget Cuts – increment Freeze

Increment Freeze …….Latest

So called  ‘Breakthrough in talks’ …….  ‘Not yet agreed’ …… ‘Smoke and Mirrors’  says The GMB    ((23/05/12)

Some unions claims  ‘that talks have ended” are rubbish and factually wrong says The GMB .

Members will no doubt recall the recent GMB indicative ballot carried out in respect of the council’s proposal to freeze increments for a further year, the result of that ballot showed a membership acceptance of the proposal by a majority of 2:1 in favor.

This result gave a mandate to The GMB branch to negotiate a collective agreement.

At subsequent negotiations The GMB as part of its submission maintained its position on three points.

  • Exemption of School Support Staff.
  • Exemption of employees on Bands A/B.
  • Exemption for Pupil Referral Units.

It was helpful that other unions and the authority recognized our resolve and  eventually gave support  to our arguments on the first two of the three proposals.

In order to assist colleagues in some other unions (who I perceived were displaying signs of acute embarrassment at the position they had landed themselves)  we ‘invited ‘ them to join our claim for exemption of Pupil Referral Units as part of their negotiating position.

Disgracefully this point was ignored with one union commenting only that they also had issues with some of their member’s in PRU’s regarding this.

Despite The GMB’s invitation and subsequent attempts to clarify this point no positive affirmation of accepting our invitation has been received or indicated,

Some may interpret this as an abandonment of the affected members by their own union, certainly it has undermined the negotiating position of The GMB in respect of seeking exemption for PRU staff.

On  21st May Unison claimed ‘talks have ended’ this may be the case for them but the GMB having successfully led the fight for Band A/B  and School Support Exemptions had not and at this point have still not stopped negotiating.

 Ongoing communications between Human Resources and The GMB have been and continue to be ongoing.

I have included on this site a copy of the latest  exchange between us .

 The GMB fully supports the case for resetting of the incremental pay date to April 2013, this being the only useful contribution from others, however  we would caution all employee’s that this is the ‘Smoke and Mirror’s referred to in the header to this communication.

 The GMB believes that this will result in members who would not have been affected under the original proposal being hit at a later date in return for an earlier increment payment.

The figures do not add up and the £300,00. 00 shortfall will be sought elsewhere  possibly from terms and conditions.

The GMB has an ongoing legitimate mandate from its membership ballot, it now appears that some unions are to seek to overturn its own branch membership mandate by an internal committee decision….. democracy at work? ?? You may well ask the question.

Rotherham GMB Branch

Posted: 23rd May 2012

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