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Abbey School – Savage Restructure

Abbey School in Rotherham to be torn apart by savage restructure and redundancies – Demonstration to Abbey School Rotherhambe held outside the Rotherham Council offices at Riverside House on Monday 9th December

The children of Abbey School will be the victims if a massive planned restructure takes place at the special school early next year.  It is possible that almost every teacher in the school, as well as a number of school support staff, will be made redundant if the plans go ahead.

Such an upheaval will negatively impact children at the school.  School support staff and teachers who know them best will, in significant numbers, be made redundant.  This can only have a detrimental impact on students’ learning and emotional well-being.  “Many of these children are very vulnerable,” said teacher Pat McLaughlin. “I dread to think about the potential results of these changes.”

Fred Sprague, Divisional Secretary of the Rotherham Association of the National Union of Teachers, said:

“Rotherham Council and the present interim management of the school seem willing to allow a school judged good by Ofted in its most recent report be plunged into chaos.  It has made a judgement to attempt to sack teachers and to effectively completely change the ethos of the school.”

The NUT and GMB believe that the consultation with staff which ends next week is a sham:  Jobs in the school have already been advertised.  The school and local authority refuse to negotiate with unions in order to discuss these horrendous proposals.

The demonstration will start at 11am at All Saints Square, Rotherham Town Centre.

Location:        All Saints Square, Rotherham Town Centre
Date:               14th December

Time:             11 am

Riverside House Demo

Demo at Riverside House – 09/12/2013

Posted: 3rd December 2013

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