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Abbey School Victory

Parents, GMB and NUT Campaign successful in Keeping Abbey School open


Victory following a long campaign lead by parents, the GMB and NUT trade unions, Rotherham Metropolitan Borough CouncCelebrating Victory outside Town Hallil haveĀ  announced a u-turn on their plans to close Abbey Special School. Despite the victory for campaigners, the council still intends to reduce the number of available places from 105 to 60. This will ensure that it gives the best opportunity for the school to improve. Also it will drastically reduce the excessive stress levels that all staff have been placed under. Abbey School has seen a dramatic improvement since the school has been re-designated and the School.

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The GB, NUT and especially parents with children at the school have been pounding the streets of Rotherham collecting signatures for a petition which was submitted to the Council which over 5000 people signed.

Posted: 6th March 2015

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