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RMBC Annual / Flexi Leave

This morning a confusing email was sent out to employees attempting to clarify annual leave and flexi arrangements.

The GMB immediately responded by stating:

‘The carry over of leave was a right incorporated into our agreements at the time that RMBC wished to introduce Christmas Closure, within that same agreement is incorporated also the right to bring forward up to five days.’

The agreement on this was consulted on and agreed via Strategic HR, The Chief Exec, The Leader and The Elected Members then part of the Council’s JCC.

The GMB recalls that we balloted/consulted its membership on a package that included Christmas Closure.

The agreement also introduced the enhanced flexi-time arrangements, GMB have no recollection of any consultation/negotiations since that has altered that agreement.


  • ‘The annual leave scheme does allow for the carry over of leave; however this is not an automatic right.’
    • It has been subsequently confirmed by Karl Battersby that the original communication was not referring to the five day carry over / bring forward right.


  • ‘When approval is given to carry over leave, then a cut-off date for using it should be set; this will enable managers to plan resources to meet service requirements.  Ordinarily, the cut-off date should be no more than 2 months i.e. the end of February.’
    • The GMB position is that there are no rules that dictate a cut off date for leave carried forward  to be used by a particular date, only that normal leave request rules apply.
  • ‘Time must be accrued before flexi leave can be taken’
    • As the flexi scheme operates within the rules of a maximum 4 hours debit (pro rata for part time employees), time does not have to be accrued before leave can be taken. As long as the time sheet is within rule before the end of the period.

The attachment to the email sent out to staff can be found below:

PDF ICONCarry Forward Leave – Flexi Time


The official annual leave policy can be found below.

PDF ICONAnnual Leave Policy

Posted: 28th August 2013

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