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Appraisals for support staff

Dear Colleagues,

As you are aware, the government is implementing a system of performance related pay progression for teachers in England. This will mean teachers being subject to an annual performance review rather than ‘experience based’ incremental pay progression. Schools are likely to bring in new pay policies for teaching staff from September 2013.

Branches and school reps need to watch out for their local schools trying to implement the same system for support staff. It is absolutely clear that the government decision only applies to teaching staff, not support staff.

Schools cannot simply unilaterally introduce a new pay policy for support staff – they should consult and negotiate with us over any proposed changes. Nationally, we are in discussions with academy chains where we have recognition over the issue. A number of these chains have tried to have one appraisal and pay policy for all staff, in the main we have been successful in separating them out but we are having trouble with a couple of the chains who are trying to claim they value all staff and believe they should all have access to CPD, and by having separate policies it seems they are treating staff differently. Whilst GMB believe in CPD opportunities for Support Staff, it is highly questionable that they need such a complex Appraisal System that has been designed by the DfE specifically for Teachers, we are arguing that if they introduce an excessively complex appraisal system for Support Staff then it will not only be challenging for many of them but will also be an unnecessary burden for Management.

If your school attempts to introduce this policy please contact your Convenor or Local Authority Officer.

Best wishes


Lead Schools Officer

Posted: 16th July 2013

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