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I issued a bulletin on 28 February setting out the two options for local government NJC pay 2013 as tabled by the national employers (see 2 – LG Pay Talks – Employers Put Options on the Table – 28 February 2013.doc). These options have now been considered by GMB senior lay representatives and by a full meeting of the joint TU Side on 15 March with our colleagues from Unison and Unite.

At the meeting it was agreed that TU side unanimity was essential to make progress on behalf of all 1.6m workers covered by these negotiations, both in the short term response to these options and in the longer term building of our campaign for fair pay for local authority staff. It was also the view of the TU Side that neither of the options tabled by the employers so far was likely to prove acceptable to members and therefore the national Joint Secretaries were called upon to continue negotiations with a view to making improvements.  In doing so there should be no compromise to national Part 2 conditions. It was further agreed that after the next negotiating round with the employers at the end of March the TU Side would reconvene on 8 April to receive an update and consider next steps.

The TU Side believes there is scope for further negotiations and therefore GMB will postpone consulting on the offers until we have done that. Please be assured that GMB will not be making any agreement without first consulting members and that I will keep you informed of progress.


Brian Strutton

National Secretary – Public Services Section

Posted: 20th March 2013

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