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Productive Learning Project


The Yorkshire and North Derbyshire Region of the GMB has approximately 64,000 members. A key aim of the Productive Learning Project will be the continuation and expansion of workplace and life-long learning not only to existing members but to those not yet engaged with the union learning agenda.

Through negotiated learning agreements the project will continue to build upon the strong links developed with employers over previous successful projects.

By assisting members and potential members with their educational self-development the work of the project will assist in addressing the current skills gap and skills shortages prevalent in the UK economy, increasing individual employability through tailored courses for those seeking employment and ensuring quality education and training for those in work seeking progression.

Utilising its regional learning centres the Productive Learning Project will also target community learning initiatives to help remedy the areas of deprivation and neglect associated with the failure of traditional educational routes.

The project is able to offer GMB R62 Members the ability to access a range of learning opportunists and qualifications.

Posted: 10th June 2016

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