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Standing up for Disabled Workers

DiabledparkingAs part of the budget process RMBC have targeted disabled employees and have decided to introduce charges for blue badge holders who use the car park at Riverside House.

These employees have no choice on where they park if they wish to attend work.

The GMB believe that charging for a ‘reasonable adjustment’ to accommodate a disability is by no means reasonable.

The charges that are due to be imposed on 1st of April 2014 amount to £34 per month  / £1.82 per day. Cheaper options are available to non disabled workers for as little as 80 pence per day.

The GMB has been in discussion with RMBC on a number of occasions regarding this, however the authority seems intent on implementing this discriminatory charge.

The GMB has taken informal legal advice and has advised it’s members to submit individual formal grievances as a first step toward reversing this perverse and punitive levy on disability.

Once your membership form has been received, you will have access to the members area for advice and guidance.


Posted: 14th March 2014

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